Welcome to Happy Camp

Happy Camp, California

The town of Happy Camp is located in Northern California along Highway 96, approximately 70 miles west of Yreka and Interstate 5.  The picturesque drive along 96 takes about 1.5 hours from Yreka.  Many visiting the area fly into Medford, Oregon and rent a vehicle.

Happy Camp also has a 3,000 ft private airport for those who wish to fly in for a quick weekend getaway. A shuttle service to and from the air strip is provided for guests of our Inn.

Officially founded in July 1851, a group of prospectors arrived in the area and christened the town 'Happy Camp'.  Legend has it that upon his arrival, miner James Camp, was so excited that he said, "This is the happiest day of my life!"  His partner Jack Titus coined the name, "Happy Camp".

Prior to the arrival of the gold prospectors, the area was home to the Karuk Tribe.  Today the Tribe's headquarters and government are located in Happy Camp.  The Tribe plays a prominent role in providing services to local residents.  Stop by while you are in town and visit their modern museum featuring history, maps, books and native art.

Big Foot (Sasquatch)

The first reported Bigfoot sighting was in 1886 by European settlers.  However one of the most famous sightings occurred near the Klamath River in 1967 when a few seconds of movie footage was captured.  More sightings have occurred in this area then anywhere else.

Big Foot Jamboree!

Come and play with us at our Annual Big Foot Jamboree.  Celebrating our most famous resident, Sasquatch.   Held at the Happy Camp River Park every Labor Day Weekend since 1966.  

Fun for the whole family! Activities include a pancake breakfast, Friday night salmon dinner and dance, co-ed soft ball tournament, cupcake wars, Big Foot Queen coronation and raffle, rubber duck derby, lawn mower races, horse shoe tournament, beer booth, poker booth, food, crafts, 5K Big Foot Dash and of course, our Big Foot Parade.  

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Gold Panning

The Klamath River is one of California's great gold producing rivers. Even today you will still see panners every summer along the Klamath River looking for gold.

Gold panning is the easiest and quickest way to look for gold.  The principle is very simple. Gold is heavy and will sink to the bottom of the pan with agitation.  With practice, one will easily learn how to swirl and vibrate the pan so that the lighter material raises and falls out of the pan.  What is left is the heaviest material and with some luck you will have some gold.  Tweezers of a suction bottle works best to extract the gold from the bottom of the pan.

Parry's Market

Our neighborhood grocery store, Parry's Market is conveniently located in Happy Camp.  The shelves are always stocked full and the employees are friendly.  What else would you expect in a town called, "Happy Camp"?

Start planning your river-front stay today!